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Wood or Faux Wood Blinds – How To Decide What’s Right For You

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Faux-Wood-Blinds-in-Maui-Choosing just the right window treatments for your home can be an enjoyable and rewarding project to take on. Yet, for some homeowners, this is a time of stress because they are not sure what type of decision to make. In fact, just deciding between real wood or faux wood blinds makes all of the difference, when it comes to window blinds.

Set yourself up for success by partnering up with a local leading service provider who genuinely cares about the clients that they work with. This will ensure that you get the information that you need, in order to make the best choices possible. Plus, it will practically guarantee that you end up loving your window blinds, for years to come.

There is no reason to make a hasty decision or settle for less than what you love. Invest the time required to make good choices and you will be able to end up with window treatments that you love. This is your home and your window treatment project, make sure that you can feel good about the final results that you get.

Knowledge Makes All the Difference

If you are one of those Maui homeowners trying to decide between wood blinds or faux wood blinds, it can feel impossible to make the right choice. However, by knowing more about the pros and cons of each, this will help you make the best choice for your individual situation.

Here are some tips to get you started in order to make the right choice for you:

For some people, nothing but real wood will do. Aside from having plenty of natural beauty, real wood promises your blinds will be one of a kind. Each piece of wood has its own distinct characteristics. Like a fingerprint, each piece is unique so not even two of the slats that make up your blinds will be the same.

On the other hand, if you want to stretch your window treatment budget as far as possible, the only obvious choice is to go with faux wood. As stunning as real wood is, faux wood is a close second and is a fraction of the expense. The imitation wood is the best option when it comes to looking for something that is more cost-effective.

Nothing increases the value of your home quite like real wood blinds though. So, while it may cost more upfront for your custom wood blinds, you can feel good about the return. In other words, your wood window treatments are a wise investment and not a frivolous expense.

As sturdy as wood can be, go faux if you want the best in strength. The imitation wood alternative is more flexible and resilient, making them ideal for everyday use. This is especially true in households where children or pets are present, putting your window treatments through extra vigorous conditions.

Real wood, however, is lighter than its fake counterpart. This is essential to know if you are planning on using your window blinds for larger windows. In those instances, real wood may be the better choice.

The Name to Trust In

Maui Shutters is the local leading service provider for any type of window dressing you could want. We take great pride in our work, including the personalized attention to detail we provide for our clients. You are going to love the final look that we create for your home, and that we can guarantee.

Whether you are trying to decide between real wood or faux wood blinds, or need advice on where to start at all, we have got you taken care of. We know this industry inside and out and want to be a part of helping you make these types of important decisions. The work we do is about more than just selling window treatments, it is about helping you make vital choices.

Give us a call today to begin. We are ready, willing and beyond capable of putting the finishing touches on your dream home in the manner of the perfect window blinds.

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